How to use a Xivra Wallet

Download and installing on Windows

Go to and download the installer package.

Download Xivra


Go to where you downloaded the installer



Open the installer and install Xivra-QT

Install Xivra


Shortcuts will be automatically placed in your start menu and on your desktop.

Connecting and updating with the network

Open Xivra-QT and Unblock to allow access to the internet.


The initial connection to the network will take about 1-2 minutes, in the following image you can see that the client is not connected yet.


Once the client is connected you will see at the bottom that that the client is updating with the network. On most computers a complete update of the block chain will take anywhere between 5 and 15 minutes.



The Synchronizing with network will disappear once you client is completely updated.



Using the Xivra-QT wallet

Go to the receive tab to see what your Xivra address is. You can make as many addresses as you want. In this tutorial we rename the label for this address ‘my xivra wallet’  . You can rename the label by right clicking it and then select ‘Edit’ .



From a different client we send 100 Xivra to this address, this transaction will show up in the overview and transactions tab.



Go to the send tab to send Xivra to a different Xivra address. This new transaction can be seen on the overview and transactions tab. Be aware that you can not reverse a transaction.

sending Xivra