Mining explained

The basics of mining Xivra

Xivra mining is the process of making your computer’s hardware, CPU and GPU, do mathematical calculations for the network to confirm transactions and to attempt to solve a new block, which at same time increase security. The speed your computer produces to do these calculations is called hash rate.

As a reward for solving a block the miner will currently be paid 5000 Xivra.

Solo Mining vs Pooled mining

In the beginning it was possible for everyone to mine Xivra solo as the network difficulty was low. The difficulty of the network rises when the total amount of hash rate rises, this is done to make sure that the block reward will be issued every 75 seconds, this network difficulty is automatically recalculated every 4 hours.

These days 98% of the people use pools to mine. A mining pool is a group of miners that combine there hash rate together so that they can find blocks faster. The reward is then divided by the pool members based on their hash rate contribution.

Example of GUIMiner mining on

Mining programms