Obtaining Xivra


You can purchase Xivra on exchanges. Currently Xivra is listed at CoinedUp and CryptoRush, 2 more exchanges are coming who will list Xivra, one of them is a brand new exchange which opens in February. The other one is an older exchange which will be listing Xivra also in February.


You can obtain Xivra by mining as explained here.

Implement a payment gateway on products/services you sell online.

You can install a payment gateway from CoinPayments to accept payments in Xivra on your website. Many different shopping carts and solutions are supported and the transaction fees are very low.

Do jobs/gigs

A fiverr like site will be launched in February where you can only pay with Xivra.


note : We have scheduled many more implementations and since Xivra is an open source platform and everyone is free to implement Xivra as they seem fit, means we are not aware of all current and future plans.