A more detailed explanation of what is planned in the near future for Xivra by the developers of Xivra and others.

January 24th 2014: a new webhost/domain registrant will be launched where Xivra will be a payment option. This web host will be in a beta/testing period until March. More info :

January 2014: implementation of QR code within the Xivra client version

Jan/Feb 2014: Xivra will be listed on a 2nd exchange.

February 2014: a brand new gaming portal will be launched where multiple games can be played, the initial games during launch will include poker and dice. Slots, craps, blackjack will be added during March-April. Poker includes daily poker tournaments with guaranteed prices and a bi-weekly multi million tournament.

February 2014: will be launched, this will be a similar site as . Here you only will be able to pay and receive payments in Xivra . The price per job/gig will be XIV 10,000.

February 2014: Xivra will be listed on a 3rd exchange.

March 2014: several releases of the Windows and Mac OS client with different visual styling.

April 2014: a complete new marketplace where people can buy and sell goods, using Xivra.

2nd half of 2014 : full 64-bit client, version

October-November 2014: a brand new range of high quality products will be launched, they are currently being developed and will only be made available through regular and online stores which accept Xivra.

2015: we aim to offer a minimum buy back price for Xivra in 2015, this to establish a minimum value for Xivra. This will be a fixed price against USD or CHF .

2015 and beyond: we think that the sky is not the limit with Xivra, being a fairly new crypto currency we can not disclose all of our plans and ideas as for many them we need to get legal advice and input from accountants/financial institutes.


note : Since Xivra is an open source platform and everyone is free to implement Xivra as they seem fit, means we are not aware of all current implementations and future plans.