Using Xivra

So you have some Xivra, what can you do with them?

Crypto Exchanges:

Many people just like to trade on exchanges some actually make a living with trading crypto currencies on exchanges. This is currently also the way to cash in your Xivra if you don’t like the trading part.

Direct Exchange:

You can also exchange them directly with other people or stores for goods, services, USD, etc.

Buy goods and services online:

There are already many online stores which accept Xivra directly. A few of them:

Pay for jobs:

Have a job/task which you want to have done? A brand new website will open mid February 2014 where you can pay exclusively with Xivra.

Play games:

A brand new gaming portal will open end February / beginning of March 2014, where you can play a multitude of games. The games include poker with ring games and guaranteed tournaments !

Xivra exclusive items:

A whole product line is being developed which you will be able to buy online and normal retail stores with Xivra. Expected launch is October 2014.