What is Xivra ?

Xivra was born December 2013 and is initially an internet based crypto currency which allows instant payments to anyone in the world without any of the high transaction fees which are currently included in the most common payment systems.

An offline payment system for Xivra is currently in development.

The main difference between Litecoin ( where Xivra is based on ) and Xivra is that we prefer to focus more on integer numbers ( whole numbers ) while with Bitcoin and Litecoin it is more common to work with fractions only. In this sense Xivra will feel more like working with any other ‘normal’ currency.

Our goal within the next 24 months is to be able to offer a fixed buy back price for all Xivra in existence and future Xivra. Which price this will be depends on the investment financial institutes are willing to make and on the rate of Xivra on several crypto exchanges. This is done to make sure that Xivra has a bottom price which in return gives any retailer or company more confidence to implement Xivra in their daily business. Consumers will also feel more confident in obtaining-trading-buying Xivra when there is a fixed minimum value since there is no worry that the value of the obtained Xivra will go below a certain point.

Xivra is built to reach anywhere between 10 million and 250 million active users in the upcoming years .

In January 2014 our website will continuously be updated with new tools, downloads and more.